About Us

We are honored to carry on the legacy of Blackbean Coffee that Terry & Ana set forth. Owning a coffee & tea business has been a dream of ours for years and this blessing allows us to begin that journey. As the new owners, we will preserve the quality and integrity of the Costa Rican and Peruvian coffee you know and love from Blackbean Coffee Company. 

Our family is very passionate about missions and providing clean water to those in need, so beginning September 1, a portion of the sale of each bag will go directly to funding a water project in the most vulnerable communities around the globe, thus providing education and safety along with contributing to the prevention of human trafficking.

Chaundra has been to both Rwanda and Cambodia where she joined each community in a Water Walk experience. Each day children walk for water, sometimes multiple times a day… when they do this they are not only subject to human trafficking, but they miss out on family time and most importantly education. 

To learn more about the mission and vision the Tangi Family shares, please check out https://wvchildambassadors.org/participant/252437 or contact Brian or Chaundra for more information.